ST. Lawrence County ARES

Photo Gallery
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Fred, W2NVW- Tom Felton - Bill, KA2MHZ

Doc, W2IB & Walt, N2BO after World Carp

Tom Felton signing autographs

Kerry working, Bill catching some ZZZzzz's

Ben, WB2NAO with his carp

Fred & Bill (I think their up to something)

Jasmyn getting advise from the marshal

Jasmyn Malagutti went on to win her age group.

I love this carp.

I can't wait for the Tournament next year.

I know there's a carp in there somewhere.

Local APRS map.

2005 World Carp Championship QSL.

Little Sucker Brook 2007, nice one

I've got a big one on, check out that pole

Another nice one from Sucker Brook-2007

Smile for the camera

Another happy angler

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